Below the Brand is a division of the CBA group dedicated to developing foundational brand and product strategies for start-ups with ambitious goals.

We focus solely on achieving growth objectives by

Helping organizations clarify their competitive advantages
Organizing their product offerings
Developing critical sales and marketing assets that create immediate impact
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Depending on the unique objectives you need to fullfill, the challenges and pressures that you are experiencing, and the funds that are available, we can advise the most effective path that will see the impact in as little as 4 weeks.

Brand positioning

We develop your positioning based on your current status and growth plans through a collaborative process that aligns stakeholders and teams quickly.

Pitch Deck

It's a full service: from crafting the story to delivering branded presentations with customizable speaker notes in your preferred format.


Our four-stage process offers tailored legal support globally, ensuring efficiency and objectivity by providing only names that have survived preliminary searches. 

Visual Identity Design

We right-size your creative needs to help you prioritize and spend your budgets more effectively. Our services include: identity design, product and packaging design, branded sales materials, presentations - including infographics, renderings and animations.

Portfolio Architecture

We organize and align your business using a robust framework, crafting tailored language for your brand and marketing needs.

Website and social content

We extend your visual brand language and content strategy to online media experiences, creating appropriate content to attract specific audiences across multiple platforms including websites, amazon, shopify, instagram, linkedin etc.

Employer Love Branding

In today's hybrid WFH environment, expressing a compelling company culture can be challenging. We excel in crafting impactful ways to showcase your values and personality through employee touchpoints and engagements.

the power

Every successful business needs a clear brand roadmap, allowing them to continually vet and develop successful opportunities and contribute positively to the internal value of company.

The best consumer brands in the world are also some of the best to work for because that brand runs deep in their D.N.A. Driven by the mission and the values, the company purpose comes alive and they are able to build a strong and covetable culture.

As you look to branding to help grow your business, consider the following benefits:

Do you suffer from lack of internal alignment?

Team Cohesiveness: Clear brand positioning provides a unified vision. Everyone understands what the company stands for and where it's heading. This clarity often results in increased morale, productivity, and alignment in decision-making.

Guided Decision-making: When your brand positioning is clear, it serves as a compass. From product development to marketing campaigns, all efforts can align, ensuring consistency and strategic direction.

How do you think your business is viewed from the outside?

Stakeholder Understanding: Investors, partners, and suppliers need to understand your business and its value proposition to enable smoother business operations, better partnership opportunities, and increased trust.

Client Appreciation: A well-defined positioning helps clients or customers easily understand what they can expect from your brand. This clarity can lead to increased loyalty, better word-of-mouth referrals, and a stronger brand reputation.

Is it clear how you differentiate in your market?

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): In crowded marketplaces, it's essential to stand out by highlighting your brand's unique qualities, ensuring that your audience recognizes what makes you different and how you are superior to competitors.

Competitive Edge: With clear brand positioning, you can preemptively counter competitor propositions by solidifying your space in the market and the minds of consumers.

How consistent is your messaging?

Consistent Messaging: With a solid understanding of your brand's positioning, all marketing and communication efforts can maintain a consistent tone, message, and promise. This consistency reinforces brand recall and strengthens brand image.

Efficient Marketing: If your brand's position is clear, you can target your audience more effectively, resulting in higher ROI on marketing efforts.

How are you building long-term equity?

Trust and Credibility: When consumers recognize a brand and what it stands for, trust begins to build. Over time, this trust can lead to increased loyalty and brand advocacy.

Value Creation: As brand recognition and trust grow, there's potential for increased brand equity, allowing companies to potentially charge a premium or ensure repeat business.

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